What better way for kids to enjoy their two-week holiday than Hasbro’s School Holiday at Paradigm Mall!

Hasbro, a global play and entertainment company, is thrilled to announce the exciting Hasbro School Holidays located at Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya at the Upper Atrium (UG) from the 26th May till the 10th of June, 2023. Hasbro is partnering with WCT and Paradigm to create a paradise of toys and games for kids to express themselves and for adults to bring out the inner-child in them because no one is ever too young to have fun.

Consisting more than 5 stations with different themes along with Hasbro iconic characters such as NERF, Play-Doh, Transformers, My Little Pony and more. This event is a must-go for families with children! What’s best is each station is catered to children with age limit for safety measures.

Transformers: Rise of The Beast
Nerf Arena

It is essential for kids to learn the value of teamwork at a young age. Kids can enhance their motor skills, coordination, and physical activity when they Gear-Up with NERF for a Team Battle of “Capture the Flag” where kids and adults can work together in a 3v3 indoor war for the first team to capture the opponent’s flag wins! Explore Hasbro best-sellers NERF Elite 2.0 and the latest collection, NERF Elite Junior Blasters where target boards are available on ground for kids to try out the NERF Blasters.


The iconic city of Monopoly is being brought to you! Enjoy taking a bunch of family pictures playing with life-sized pieces from the iconic board game together at the camera-ready set.

My Little Pony

Take pictures with My Little Pony on the rockstar photo set! Kids can also enjoy My Little Pony Colouring at the interaction area where each day would be a different My Little Pony character for the little ones to express their creativity. Colouring is a great way for kids to enhance sensory development as it allows them to be imaginative of how their little pony would look like.

Hasbro Gaming

Patrons can challenge their family and friends, or even strangers in a game of Jenga and Twister.

Twister – the game that ties you up in knots! A fun family game that requires balance and rubber limbs! Want a game experience that combines friends, skill, suspense, laughter, and maybe a little luck? We have a life-sized Jenga on ground! Any way you choose, show your Jenga style!

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