Backbone of Community Enablers: Almost 90% of Couriers Driving Change Beyond Deliveries

A new study by Shopee Express has found that 1,317 Malaysian couriers are committed to building robust relationships with local communities. 87% of couriers surveyed provide trustworthy nationwide delivery services, engage with people from diverse cultures, and develop a deeper understanding of the areas they operate in. The remaining believe that their work enables local businesses to expand their market reach, which contributes to their growth and creates new job opportunities.

The success of businesses and communities relies heavily on these couriers who are truly unsung heroes. Especially for local businesses, they are always adapting to meet the changing demands of their customers, while many households, especially those of the elderly and disadvantaged, have greatly benefited from the services of couriers. This is made possible by the fact that 80% of couriers deliver at least 80 parcels on a daily basis, while the rest handle a smaller number of parcels due to other commitments.

Given their intention to deliver parcels safely to the customers they value, 80% of couriers prioritize customer needs by considering factors such as urgency, location, and timing, while the other 20% take into account their own capabilities, such as parcel size, weight, and order received, when evaluating the feasibility of delivering parcels.

When asked “What do you enjoy most about working as a Shopee Express courier?” – 56% of couriers enjoy the job’s flexibility and breaks, 25% value the opportunity to take ownership of their successes and hard work, and 19% appreciate the teamwork and training courses that come with being part of the community. Couriers also have been able to support their households by scheduling work trips at their convenience, which allows them to maintain their standard of living while continuing to develop their skills.

With countless deliveries to complete everyday, these couriers believe that having certain qualities is helpful in making them more efficient and productive. 80% of couriers surveyed identified honesty and reliability as crucial – they are responsible for delivering parcels safely, on time, and securely to customers. 20% think that possessing a positive mindset and ample knowledge is essential, which means being able to adapt to changes and staying calm in difficult situations.

All couriers know that customers want their parcels to arrive safely. 8 out of 10 couriers recalled pushing through circumstances to deliver in bad weather or remote areas, whereas the remaining couriers remembered playing a role in making someone feel valued by delivering for special occasions. These experiences motivate couriers to keep doing their job as it reminds them of the positive impact they have on people’s lives.

Cheah Lee Sun, Head of Shopee Express, said, “Our couriers clearly play a crucial role in the communities they serve. We appreciate their tireless efforts to complete deliveries on time and build stronger connections with customers. As the backbone of our business, we are here listening to their needs and accommodating them as much as we can. This is just one of the ways we provide a better peace of mind not just to our couriers, but also to our customers who rely on us to deliver their parcels with utmost care and efficiency.”

When asked how being a Shopee Express courier impacted their lives, 34% of couriers had improved their time management skills by prioritizing their tasks effectively. For 27% of them, their work allowed them to provide meaningful support to their families. 23% learned about the importance of being accountable in delivering parcels, and 16% felt a sense of purpose in life and saw opportunities for career advancement.

“We are happy to see that many of them have a better understanding of how to communicate with customers, build rapport, and become more skilled over time in managing a consistent stream of work and balancing personal responsibilities,” Cheah concluded.

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