Photo : Endura Rose

Flowers have always been symbols of beauty, love, and celebration. But there’s one bouquet that takes floral extravagance to a whole new level. Introducing the world’s expensive bouquet, the USD 26,000 Cullinan diamond bouquet, which stands over 3 feet tall and is 2 feet wide. Inside the “towering forest of roses” are two heart-shaped roses encased in glass and two rare Callinan diamonds. This opulent masterpiece combines the timeless elegance of roses with the rare brilliance of diamonds, elevating a floral arrangement to a whole new level.

A Floral Forest of Luxury

The Cullinan Diamond Bouquet is named after the famed Cullinan diamond, a gem which now sits in Her Majesty’s Crown. It was crafted and designed by one of the renowned floral designers at the top preserved flower business in the UK, Endura Roses.

Photo: Endura Rose

Described as a towering forest of roses, this delightful arrangement includes a minimum of 100 specially preserved flowers. These include lush, black hydrangea, as well as an abundance of roses. In addition, there are three handcrafted heart roses, a huge, extremely rare “Juliette” rose with double petals, six magnificent roses encased in 24-carat gold, and a grande rose that was derived from the volcanic soils of Cayambe, Ecuador. The bouquet has been finished off with Diamond Dust, a semi-precious kind of fairy spray containing multi-faceted diamonds.

Photo : Endura Rose

The important point for this bouquet is the Mon Chérie curved glass cloche, that concealing two Cullinan diamonds, one 0.5 carats and the other 0.3 carats, which sits at the center of the bouquet. The Cullinan Bouquet can endure for a maximum of five years. However, it is also possible to preserve the bouquet in glass, à la Beauty and the Beast, with two interwoven heart-shaped roses on top, symbolizing the essence of eternal love.

The Cullinan Diamond Bouquet encapsulates the essence of luxury, love, and extravagance. It is a masterpiece that has redefined the concept of opulent floral design and will undoubtedly continue to be an icon of extravagance for years to come. For those with the means and the desire to possess the most exclusive and luxurious bouquet in the world, the Cullinan Diamond Bouquet is a true work of art that will leave a lasting impression.