With non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like heart disease, pneumonia, and diabetes on the rise in Malaysia, it is extremely important for Malaysians to have better accessibility to high-quality healthcare options. Most notably, for the NCDs that have a high likelihood of producing wounds, patients must have easy and affordable products available to them. In response to this, bpositive has officially marked its entry into the Malaysian market.

Specialising in medical and healthcare products, bpositive encourages individuals to “think, feel, and perform better.” As part of its expansion plans, the brand made its direct-to-consumer retail debut in Malaysia at Caring Pharmacy in TRX in late 2023, with its wound care products currently available in over 250 Caring Pharmacy outlets nationwide.

The line is also available in Georgetown, BePharmacy, OK Pharmacy, and Wellings Pharmacy stores across the country, and bpositive eventually plans to launch its full range in the coming months.

bpositive was born during the pandemic. I was inspired by seeing people around the world working together to help others and being everyday superheroes. When I thought about it, we all have the superpowers of kindness, compassion, being positive, and helping others. That’s essentially what I set out to do with our products and our profits. So, next time you choosebpositive, know that you’re not just making a purchase; you’re helping someone else,” said Corey Bryant, founder of bpositive.

bpositive prides itself on being a company that believes that an impact is only made when everyone supports each other in the community, placing a strong emphasis on social responsibility. In fact, for every product purchased, the companyoperates its Buy1Help1 initiative, allowing customers to contribute to a cause of their choice. Its wound care product line is designed to be comfortable and easy to use.